You`re all just fucking kids full of pride, even though you`ve
already fallen so low. ★

happy birthday!! have a wonderful day full of cake and presents!

Ou !! Sankyuu ! I’ll make sure to eat all of the cakes *gehehe

Hoooo, I'm reading the word birthday? Happy birthday! I hope you have a very nice day c:

Hai ! Arigatou gozaimasu ! Blessings for my Everyday , desu ne ?

saltyriceball said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! °^°

Ou ! Sankyuu !!

abbeythewannabe said: Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu senpai!

Hoo !!? I’m a senpai ?? Yey!!
Arigatou !! I’ll be sure to treat you

nannaouat said: Happy birthday :-)

Yey ! It’s my tanjoubi !! Arigatou na !

byakuranz said: Otanjōbi omedetōgozaimasu!!!

Arigatou gozaimasu ! !

ooh ! 20 !! happy birthday!! you're san now not kun - kidden' -. Smile it's your day. i hope for you a happy and peace life~ be good to yourself.

Ou ! Arigatou naa ! ! !

Happy birthday! Have a nice day ♥ ~('▽^人)

Hai ! Arigatou gozaimasu ! Please take care of me for another year *tehehehe

Can I ask you somthing?!! In manga hirunaka no ryuusei .. What do you think suzume will choose Shishio-sensei or mamura ?!!

Of course it would be Sensei . (Just my own)
SENSEI ! ! ! ! ! ! !

happy birthday!

Ou arigatou na ! Anon-chan , please take care of me AGAIN …

Today , I became 20 . A full fledge adult already !
Nano de ,. . Mata oyoroshiku onegaishimasu !

Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe夏の日と君の声